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Shift Calendar Incorrect

The Shift Calendar listed on the website is incorrect and does not reflect the NOVA Schedule. We are aware of this and do not have the ability to edit it on the current web platform. The website vendor Union Centrics has been contacted multiple times to have this updated. To date, they have not returned any of the phone or email messages left for them.

The Executive Board apologizes for this and will continue to attempt contact with the website vendor.

Ultimately we will be switching to a new platform in the near future for many reasons, one of which includes this lack of customer support from Union Centrics

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24/7/365 Fire & Rescue Coverage

As of 06:00am on Saturday July 6th 2019, all 22 County fire houses have Career Fire & Rescue staffing 24/7/365.

For over the last year, Department leadership in conjunction with County management, have been analyzing data and strategically planning the restructuring of the Fire & Rescue Department. On April 30th 2019, The Board of County Supervisors approved the FY20 budget, allowing the funds to provide guaranteed sustainable Fire and EMS coverage for all of Prince William County.

For years, Members have worked both 24 hour rotating shifts or 12 hour day work shifts (Volunteers staffing nights, weekends, and holidays). With the approval of the budget, new schedule, and restructuring plan, all of our members will be providing 24/7 coverage to the County in conjunction with the volunteer companies.

Prince William Professional Firefighters are dedicated to serving all of the residents and visitors of Prince William County, 24/7/365!

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Members, don't forget to log in from time to time when you're on the site. There's lots of important stuff that you're not seeing on the guest page. you're missing vital information by not logging in. If you're a member of Local 2598 and not yet registered on the website, please click the "Apply" tab to the right and start the registration process. Contact a board member if you have any questions or issues. 

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L2598 On Facebook

The Prince William Professional Fire Fighters are happy to announce that we are on Facebook.  If you are a member please click the "Group Banner" below to go to our members only group.  If you are not a member, please click the "Find Us" banner below to go to our public site which you can "like."


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